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Bring out the best in your workforce, we can tailor a programme to suit your requirements. Let us highlight the team strengths and then strengthen the weaknesses.

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All organisations will have varying personalities working together towards an end goal, which is why corporate team building is so important. Our dedicated event managers will work with you to understand what you want to gain from your day. We have an array of tried and tested activities that have proven to be extremely successful in improving team cohesion. Furthermore, we have the capacity to design bespoke events tailored to your requirements.

A huge part of a corporate team building day is the ability to be able to break down personal barriers and remove any distractions. It’s a neutral place where each individual can express their personality outside of the working environment. Our team building packages provide realistic experiences that entrust individuals to contribute towards a common goal. In turn, it can outline the various abilities in a team and allows you to put together the perfect workforce for increased productivity. Offering an experiential and dynamic service, our team activity days can have long-lasting positive effects for your company.

We understand that you are investing time and money into a team building day. This is why our trained staff are able to assess team dynamics throughout the event and give constructive feedback which can be used in the future. We will use our expertise and background in the field to produce an effective and motivational team building event.

Team building packages…

You can hire any of our team building packages and we will bring it to a location of your choice. We have provided successful corporate team building days in Birmingham, Manchester, London and the Midlands; we can travel anywhere in the UK. Take a look at a selection of our packages below and contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.

The Killing

This is your chance to step into the shoes of a Detective and Crime Scene Investigator. Designed and run by senior Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, The Killing is the most immersive and captivating experience there is. This challenging and entertaining team build provides participants with the opportunity to take on the persona of a Crime Scene Investigator, studying forensic psychology and cyber-crime. Investigators are split into their detective teams before being briefed on the heinous crime that has taken place. Your task is to investigate the crime and use forensics to prove the following; what is the motive? How was the person murdered? What evidence have you got to connect the suspect(s) to the crime scene? We find this to be a fantastic team building event, equipped with one piece body suits, masks and gloves, participants can truly immerse themselves into the detective theme.

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Circus Skills

This event will teach your delegates some new skills and with practice they will master (or try to!) the art of juggling with scarves & balls, plate spinning, poi, stilt walking and much more. A Circus Skills workshop is perfect as an ice breaker activity, to add some variety to a day of conferencing, or as part of a large team away day. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, morning or afternoon; we can create a bespoke package tailored towards your event requirements.

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Role with it

An in-depth team development activity aimed at team leaders and managers. This exercise will give the participants a multitude of challenges and they will need to make key decisions on resource management, man management, time keeping, problem solving and accounts. These challenges will lead up to a finale activity whereby the group will need to use the points scored from the initial challenges to purchase items. Using only the equipment provided, they must build a structure that is capable of transporting a whole jug of water from the top to the bottom, with no spillages. This is a real test to any team and can highlight many strengths and weaknesses that can relate to typical working practice. Feedback will be given during the exercise with the option of facilitated critical feedback if desired.

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Outdoor Activities

What better way to bring your team together than with some high energy and fun outdoor activities. We can create a dynamic package with target sports, motor sports and team challenges that will get your group communicating in a relaxed and sociable environment. If you want to add a bit of healthy competition to the day, we can split your party into teams and ensure that individual scores go towards an overall team score, placing an emphasis on encouragement and motivation throughout the event. This is a great way to reward your team or break up a day of conferencing. We can bring any of our activities including Archery, Quad Bike Challenge and Air Rifle Shooting to a venue of your choice and run it in a format to suit your requirements. Take a look at our current multi-activity ideas and see if there is something there to suit your team.

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Space Craft

A light hearted, fun team building event whereby teams will face a number of small tasks to earn revenue for a finale activity. The revenue earned over the tasks will be used to purchase items from the ‘Rocket Shop’ in order to create the most unique and elaborate rocket. Teams will have to design and build their rockets using only the equipment purchased, along with a team brand and slogan. Teams will have to present their masterpiece to the other groups before the final take-off. The event will be scored on many criteria including communication skills, creativity and team spirit; with the winning team receiving medals in a final presentation.

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Cocktail Making

We find that cocktail making is a highly popular and effective team building activity. We can run it in various formats including an interactive cocktail making workshop, office based cocktail parties and molecular mixology demonstrations. We will provide entertaining flair bartenders who will teach your party a bit about the history of cocktail making and reveal some of the secrets behind the art of making the perfect cocktail. No matter which package you choose, your group will have the chance to create some well-known drinks and have a go at making their own creations.

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