Treasure Hunts

Working against the clock with lots of tasks to tackle, teamwork and communication is paramount to success. Stealth, astute, prepared to take crazy photographs and answer questions on the surrounding landmarks; can your team take on the challenge?

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This revolutionary team building concept is quickly becoming an extremely popular corporate activity. Using iPads and advanced software, our treasure hunts can be delivered anywhere throughout the UK. With various team challenges and codes to unlock, your group will need to work together in order to uncover the treasure before their opponents. If you’re searching for a team building day that is unlike any other, you’ve come to the right place!

The iPad treasure hunt app is extremely easy to use and suitable for a range of technological abilities. Using GPS tracking we are able to create various tasks that will be revealed when your group are within 20 metres of the challenge area. This will keep your team on their toes, testing their knowledge of surrounding landmarks and requiring them to send answers and videos back to our headquarters for analysis.

The app also allows you to view other player’s scores, disable their iPads and chat with them on the go. You can even be very sneaky and spy on their location using the interactive map, leaving you one step ahead and able to plan the most effective route.

There are lots of different formats to choose from, whether you’re hoping to take your team to a rural location or bring them into the hustle and bustle of a city, we can create the perfect day for you.

City Treasure Hunts

One of the most popular formats for our treasure hunts and a fantastic way for your team to explore the city they work in, or perhaps somewhere new! Simply suggest a start and finish point and we will handle the rest. One of our dedicated event managers will begin with a thorough briefing and explain the ins and outs of the treasure hunt app, before giving each team a specific starting route. They will need to use the interactive map to choose and complete as many tasks as possible; no matter how silly they may be! Be mindful of the iBot, he’s always looking for a way to pilfer your points!

Alternative Treasure Hunts

There are many other ways to experience our treasure hunts and you may want to provide something a little extraordinary for your corporate team building day.

Add a twist by completing your treasure hunt in a taxi and explore London like never before, putting your faith in an experienced black cab driver. If you want to cover more ground without tiring your group out, this is the perfect option for you!

If you feel like using a vehicle but getting out into the countryside, we can organise and provide the newest Mini Cooper or Fiat 500. Simply turn up at the agreed starting location and we will hand over the keys and iPads, not forgetting an experienced event manager to coordinate the day. There’s no better feeling than zipping through the country roads in a new car, occasionally stopping to take a comical video, photo or complete a scavenger based task.

Prefer to travel by boat? Not a problem! We can provide a power boat to speedily transport you up and down the Thames or Solent. Your team will need to hop off to complete the challenges and keep an eye out for the bonus tasks that will only appear when you arrive within metres of the challenge location. This unique experience will be an unexpected surprise for your guests and has proven to be an extremely successful treasure hunt format in the past.

If you want give your guests a day that is out of this World, why not combine vehicles, boats and helicopters? We will start your treasure hunt by handing over the keys to a Mini Cooper and a list of check in times and the rest is over to you. This fun filled day of land, water and air based activities is perfect for an incentive or rewarding event for your team or clients. We usually recommend allowing at least 4 hours to complete this treasure hunt but this will depend on group sizes and location.

Why choose a Treasure Hunt?

In any of the formats, our treasure hunts will provide a unique experience. It’s a chance for you to come together as a team and communicate outside of the working environment, whilst also assessing each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. We understand that there are constraints when organising a team building day, which is why we aim to be completely flexible and work with you to arrange a treasure hunt that is convenient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

We can travel to any location in the UK whether it’s London, Birmingham, Manchester, or a rural hidden gem. If you’re interested in providing an exclusive treasure hunt for your team or clients, contact one of the Dandelion Event’s team today to discuss your requirements in further detail.


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